Let's cut down to the chase. I am reviewing each and every episode (unless the blog gets 0 comments), leading up to that movie by M. Night. I will throw in a few jokes here and there, but I am pretty much just here to point out valid facts that we should take into consideration when we watch the series.


Team Avatar journey to Kyoshi Island, why? To watch Aang ride on the back of a big fish. Unfortunately, as Qui-Gon Ginn once stated there is always a bigger fish. Soon after the gang is captured by female warriors. And then the episode's lesson takes place as Sokka's sexist attitude changes.

  • Analyze this: I believe this episode was originally intended as a filler, but ended up as a valuable plot point because Suki, the Kyoshi Warrior leader was brought back into the series due to fan popularity. The episode itself was not one of my favorites as it seemed like it featured a corny VeggieTales like lesson. Of course this episode's lesson is about equal rights and sexism, several other filler episodes had a lesson attached, The King of Omashu was thinking outside the box, Imprisoned and The Painted Lady involved hope and fighting for what is right.

As time goes on Sokka learns to appreciate Suki, who agrees to train him like a Kyoshi Warrior; while Aang and Katara have a random dispute about getting pride into Aang's head, which he in turns apologizes and never, ever... acts like that again... ever. Prince Zuko tracks Aang down from a fishmonger (destiny is a funny thing) to Kyoshi Island, this scares Unagi far away.

  • Analyze this: Unagi is much larger in appearance to the Serpent, yet Unagi is scared away from Prince Zuko's ship, while the serpent fights back to a larger Fire Nation ship vessel in The Awakening. To rap it up, Unagi is a large coward and the serpent is smaller but more brave.

Fleeing from Kyoshi, Aang examines the fire below, he jumps into the water and summons Unagi who washes the fire away, corny I know, but still epic.

  • Analyze this: Unagi sprays water from it's mouth, why would a sea animal need to spray water? Perhaps it is a water bender? The dragons are firebenders and all they seem to do is breath fire. My theory is that Unagi carries water within itself like an elephant, and is able to release it at will, what purpose would that be? I do not know.

Alot of people were upset that this episode was removed from the film. Honestly, I see why it was, as the episode had a great bearing for the rest of the series, but none at all for the rest of the season. GooReview is property of Buttongoo.

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