Let's cut down to the chase. I am reviewing each and every episode (unless the blog gets 0 comments), leading up to that movie by M. Night. I will throw in a few jokes here and there, but I am pretty much just here to point out valid facts that we should take into consideration when we watch the series.


Aang, Katara, and Sokka arrive at Aang's old home from 100 years ago.

  • Analyze this: Aang doesn't believe that the Fire Nation could of attacked his temples, regardless Aang seems to be fine with the fact that Monk Gyatso and all his childhood friends are either extremely old or dead from old age.

"The only way to get to an Air Temple is on a Flying Bison, I doubt the Fire Nation have any of those."

  • Analyze this: Prior to the Mechanist's birth, the Fire Nation are not shown to have any machines, therefor it is unknown how the Fire Nation reached the temples on time without bison, my guess is dragons.

Sokka tries to cheer up Aang by joining him in a game of Air Ball. Sokka earns 0 points and Aang earns 7.

  • Analyze this: Anyone who watched the fact that Air Ball is powered by Airbending would realize that there is no way that Sokka could win the game, for he is not a bender. With this being said, I wonder if the Air Temples were only home to Air Benders and not Air Nomads that can not bend. The other nations are split between benders and non-benders but all evidence points that Air Benders are the only residence of that nation.

After entering the hall of statues and chasing after Momo, Aang finds Gyatso's skeleton surrounded by many dead firebenders. Aang then enters the Avatar State and signals his return across the world.

  • Analyze this: By the looks of it, it took many soldiers to take down Gyatso alone, and many of the soldiers are dead surrounding him. Also when Aang enters the Avatar State, the statue's eyes glow (how, I do not know), but for some reason the Air Bender statue's arrows don't. This sends out signs across the world, but why didn't Aang's iceberg escape or Aang's attack on Zuko's ship send word of his return, as both incidents involved him entering the Avatar State. The way I took it is that there are different stages of the Avatar State, one is the Spirit State, another is the state of danger, and the last one is the state of emotion.

Aang names his new pet Momo.

  • Analyze this: Why is his name Momo? I heard Momo in another language means peach, and the lemur stole a peach from Sokka. But why is that funny, if a lemur took the possession away that the same creature gave away, or is it funny that his name is Momo? That was always a head-scratcher for me.

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