Let's cut down to the chase. I am reviewing each and every episode (unless the blog gets 0 comments), leading up to that movie by M. Night. I will throw in a few jokes here and there, but I am pretty much just here to point out valid facts that we should take into consideration when we watch the series.


Two siblings (Sokka and Katara) are in the South Pole within a canoo attempting (but sucking at) ice fishing, they bicker back and forth and end up crashing the boat into the ice, after yelling at Sokka about his smelly socks among st other annoyances, Katara miraculously unfreezes the all powerful Avatar.

  • Analyze this: If it weren't for Sokka's smelly socks, Katara may of not drove enough anger to unfreeze the key to the war's end. Score 1 for the stinky socks, okay, maybe she would of just dug up another excuse, but still just because Sokka was a huge jerk, the effects of sibling rivalry helped save a century aged war.

As the iceberg cracks, a giant light beam shines into the air, the banished Prince Zuko and his uncle spot it.

  • Analyze this: What a coincidence, destiny sure is a funny thing. Zuko just happened to be there at the exact time within seeing distance of the light, out of the three years at sea, he was there in the right place at the right time, ha, funny.

Aang gets up and his first lines are "come closer, I have to tell you something.... will you go penguin sledding with me?" (Not that the audience would even know what Penguin Sledding is). Aang reveals himself to be an airbender, and shows his "flying bison" to his friends. The audience isn't suppose to that the bison flies yet, however several minutes later within Aang's dream, a spoiler of Appa flying is shown.

  • Analyze this: The eyes of the Aang glows when he enters the Avatar state, but why would his tattoos? They aren't exactly part of his body, last time I checked. I heard some excuse that the tattoos are aligned against his chi lines or something. But if that were the case, his chi lines would glow if he had no tattoos. The glowing tattoos was always a head-scratcher.

Katara watches Aang put on his clothes, and gasps as she sees all of his tattoos.

  • Analyze this: The wardrobe of the first few episodes fascinate me. Did it ever cross anyone's minds that Aang might be a little cold in such loose clothing? Also what purpose of making everyone's clothes blue? What dye could they possible have, and why use it?

"I'll help you catch a penguin once you teach me water bending"

  • Analyze this: Katara apparently lectures to Sokka about waterbending, when she knows very little about it, one main thing is... air bending... isn't waterbending... later Katara pulls out a fish from her coat *cough* *cough* ... does Katara carry dead fish around in her coat all the time? Or did she just happen to have it at the current time? Does she have any more fish stored up in there?

The two stumble upon the Fire Nation ship "If you want to be a bender, you have to get rid of fear" (probably just said that because he really, really wanted to see inside). "That ship has haunted our tribe since Gran-Gran was a little girl, it was a part of the Fire Nation's first attacks"

  • Analyze this: Katara may or may not know everything, but Kanna was born 20 years after the war began. The ship was shown taken down in the episode The Puppetmaster, Kanna was not too little, she was at least 14. This would mean (according to Katara) that one of the fire nation's first attacks took place 34 years after the war begun. Interesting, huh?
  • Katara:"How long where you in that Ice berg"
  • Aang "I don't know a few days maybe?"
  • Katara: "I think it was more like 100 years!"
  • Aang: "What do I look like a 112 year old man to you?"
  • Analyze this: apparently the war took place for almost 100 years, that year of Aang's return marked the ninety-ninth year, as the comet started the war within the summer, and returned 100 years later within the summer. With that being said, Aang could only be 111 years old rather than 112, although, his absence was prior to the war's start, and it is unknown how long he was in the iceberg before the war's start.

"What's that you said about booby-traps?"

  • Analyze this: I could be totally wrong, but why would the ship even have booby-traps? When the fire nation would use the ship, they could easily step over a string and launch a flair, It's probably just me, but maybe not... put that in the comments section of why there would even be a booby-trap.

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