Let's cut down to the chase. I am reviewing each and every episode (unless the blog gets 0 comments), leading up to that movie by M. Night. I will throw in a few jokes here and there, but I am pretty much just here to point out valid facts that we should take into consideration when we watch the series.


Aang returns to the tribe with Katara, where Sokka shuns him and the banishes him. Somehow Sokka's great instinct predicted that the Fire Navy would spot the flare, Sokka then covers himself with makeup.

  • Analyze this: Sokka seemed to complain about the dress in the episode The Warriors of Kyoshi but cared little about his makeup, that is because he seems to wear makeup when he readies for battle, which is kind of odd considering later we see warriors of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, and neither one of them wear warpaint.

As Zuko lands on the village of the South Pole, Aang comes to the rescue riding on the back of a penguin. Aang then reveals himself as the long-lost Avatar.

  • Analyze this: Aang dramatically reveals himself as the Avatar to his friends, but the audience would already be spoiled for the opening prologue for the episode stated that Katara and Sokka found the Avatar, although it's quite predictable that he is the Avatar already, the title "Avatar: The Last Airbender" gives it away as well.

"Show no fear!" cries a young water tribe boy as he throws Sokka a weapon.

  • Analyze this: Although the children ignore Sokka and would rather pee and play, they do have a great impression from him as they show themselves courageous in the most dangerous of time.

Zuko agrees to leave the village alone if Aang comes with him. Katara and Sokka ready to rescue him, and Gran-Gran lets them go.

  • Analyze this: For those who haven't realized; Gran-Gran must of traveled the world, as she ran away from Pakku prior to the wedding and traveled to the South Pole, but according to Katara she was a little girl when the Fire Navy attacked the Southern Water Tribe, meaning Gran-Gran traveled across the world and back, with this in mind, it is quite likely that she would allow her grandchildren to leave her, for she knew what was ahead for them.

Sokka and Katara make a huge deal about whether Appa can fly or not. To Sokka's disbelief, he triggered the beast to fly by the magic words.

  • Analyze this: First off, what does Yip Yip mean? Second of all, Appa flying isn't much a surprise for in the previous episode Aang flashes back to his fall into the sea, Appa is shown flying, this also spoils the wicked-cool glowing eyes and tattoos.

Aang manages to run free and faces several Fire Nation soldiers, and then faces Zuko, Katara and Sokka arrive and help free Aang. Aang is pushed into the sea, and rises up surrounded by a water twister within the Avatar State.

  • Analyze this: Once again, I have no idea why his tattoos glow... Aang seems to be able to use water bending within the Avatar state along with Air Bending before he even begins practicing water bending, he is shown later bending Earth in the episode The Avatar State before learning Earth, however he is never shown bending fire in the Avatar State until the final episode.

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