I know what you're thinking: "The season finale of season 1 came out less than 12 hours ago, how can you already be thinking about season 2?" Well, I'm bored, so I'm writing this, about my hopes/predictions for season 2 of The Legend of Korra.

Edit: It's almost been 2 weeks, and I've been adding more theories/hopes/whatever as I came up with them and/or stealing them from other people. But anyway, feel free to comment with your opinions and ideas.

Book Name

In my opinion there are only four likely candidates for the Book name of season 2.

Book 2: Water

If the books are going with the Avatar cycle, then it would only make sense for Book 2 to be Water. However, the biggest problem with that is that Korra has already completely mastered waterbending, and most likely regained all of her water, earth, and firebending skills when Aang energybended her.

Book 2: Energy

The "fifth" element, and the only one that hasn't been a book name yet, and fitting since Korra has just learned how to energybend. Korra will most likely have to energybend all of the victims of Amon. However, other than that, I can't think of any way that energybending would be important in the next season, and I'm assuming that Amon's victims will be energybended offscreen between seasons.

Book 2: Spirit

A lot of people think it's gonna be Book 2: Spirit, because Korra's has to master her spiritual side. And "Book 2: Spirit" sounds better than "Book 2: Energy".

Book 1: Air

The final possibility is that season 2 continues Book 1. I think this is a very likely possibility, as Korra has yet to master airbending, only using it against Amon, and so far Book 1 is far shorter than the three books from the first series.

Main conflict and characters

I think that someone will pick up where Amon left off with the Anti-bending Revolution. This time, the Equalists stay hidden, similar to how they did before Korra arrived in the first episode. Much more time will be spent on the streets of Republic City.

New allies

Due to the Equalists hiding, Team Avatar will have to ally with the Triple Threat Triad to gain intel on Equalist activities. Other characters, such as Skoochy, will also become more important in the story.


Hiroshi is not the one who restarts the revolution, but the person who does frees Hiroshi from prison and Hiroshi acts as second-in-command, as well as technology builder.


The Lieutenant does not join the new equalists, and is the one who informs Korra that Equalist activity is coming back. He'll be a recurring ally for Team Avatar.


He's dead... Or is he?


See above.

So who is the new main antagonist?

I believe it'll be someone totally new... or the protestor. But probably someone new.

A spirit?

It's possible that a spirit like Wan Shi Tong or Koh, or a new spirit, will appear, and actually grant people energybending, similar to Amon's fake story, and what Aang did to Korra.

A human?

I'm having a hard time thinking of a way a human could have powers more powerful than Amon's, but I'm sure it's possible. I'd prefer the spirit thing though.



Makorra will be as annoying as Kataang in the Promise part 1, and will remain throughout the entire season.


Bolin and Asami will start interacting a lot more, to a point where they're practically dating, but they won't want to admit it.


Tenzin and Lin's strong friendship will continue, with at least one moment that threatens Tenzin's relationship with Pema.


Tenzin's relationship with Pema will begin to suffer as he spends more time equalist hunting with Lin.

Bumin, Bin, Lumi, don't really know what it'd be called...

Bumi will stay with Tenzin's family, and towards the end of the season Lin and Bumi might start a romantic relationship.


They'll meet at least once, and it'll be a funny scene I'm sure. And I don't mean a romantic relationship between these two, more like rival-ish, like Tahnorra.


Wait what? Kya and the Lieutenant are like the perfect pair.


There's certian information I'd really like some flashbacks about in season 2.

Tenzin and Lin

I'd really love to see flashbacks of Tenzin and Lin as kids and teenagers. I really can't picture what either of them would have looked like.

Mako and Bolin (and Pabu)

We need some flashbacks of like a 12 and 10 year-old Mako and Bolin, wandering the streets with the Triple Threats. And of course, we need a Bolin meeting Pabu flashback as well.

Original series characters

We need confirmation on who Zuko's wife and Toph's husband were, because people's speculation is driving me crazy. Also if Sokka ended up with anyone. (I hope Zuko+Mai and Sokka+Suki. No idea who Toph could have married.)

So what do you think?

Do you like my theories? Do you think they're probable? What are your theories for season 2?

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