Welcome my friends. As you may know, I've been thinking of writing a Fanon. Well I have decided that I will. I warn you, it will not be a pleasant one. Many reading this might think I will write about Azula, Ozai or even Sozin. No. I am writing about someone even more horrible than them. Tell me, have you ever wondered what would happen if a Avatar was born evil, with a heart as dark as the blackest night? If you think about it, everything is connected to the elements. So with that knowledge, The Avatar would be able to control every single thing around him. You wouldn't be safe to move or stand. if you were in mid-air, an avatar could control the currents and winds to beat you out of the sky. Standing on a metal floor:He would bring the floor beneath you to life. They would bind you, making you unable to move. Same with any other kind of surface. If there was something not connected to him, (like dry wood or some kind of new substance) he could simply add water into it and freeze it and then use the water to control the item. Nothing would be safe. Beware the Dark Avatar. Tui and La. Yin and Yang. Good and Evil. Light and Shadow. Both Bring balance to the world. And this world has this;

File:Black circle-8cf6f.jpg

That should be good enough of an idea of where this story is going. Until then, beware the Dark Avatar.

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