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May 13, 2012
  • BrownCow21

    Hey Everyone,

    Seeing as its summer and i have loads of time to do whatever i want, i decided that id take some time to rebound much of the criticism that become of the "Legend of Korra" finale. Personally, i thoroughly enjoyed the finale, and thought that the praise it was met with was well recieved. But i cant help but wonder what has been bugging so many fans. The first topic that many seem to discuss is the fact that this is supposedly a "kids show" and that the ending was much too dark. Indeed the show aires on Nickelodeon, but Bryan and Mike explicitly staded that it would be aimed at a higher demographic, mainly from 15 to 17 years of age. This is most likely why so many people felt that the ending, including Tarrloks suicide strike o…

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  • BrownCow21

    So theres some stuff ive been wondering since the last episode and i cant help but ask if anyone else is thinking the same things that i am. First off alot of people keep saying "ooh ooh tarrlok has got to be amon because of this and that and yadah yadah yadah", but personally i think that tarrlok is only WORKING with amon and heres why; tarrlok has been engaging in some pretty suspicious activity such as the information he seemingly pulled out of thin air on that equalist training ground under the book store. However, what drives me to think that is only working with amon if the fact that he has never let the extent of his suspicious action get close to breaking the trust he has among the people. For instance, when the council was about t…

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