So here is some more fanfiction for you.

I finished ATLA, and decided to pick up from where they left off.

Before you start reading, let me tell you this: The first few chapters are kind of predictible, but as you get further into it, it gets better, I promise. So please keep reading if you like the first chapter. Pweeeez?

I may not post every day, because I'm a very busy highschooler, but I will post when I can, k?

Here is Chapter One of Beyond Bending.

Chapter One Katara wringed out her hair. As the drops splashed back into the water, memories rushed back into her mind. Swimming was something she and the gang used to do together whenever they’d take breaks from their traveling. Now all that was over, peace had finally fallen among the land, and there was no more to worry about.   Katara had been grateful for the end of war the first few weeks it was over, but soon, every day appeared to be the same. Wake up, do a few easy chores, eat, run off with a friend and hang out, eat, relax, eat, hang out some more, and go to bed. Katara enjoyed the ease at first… but soon, she was itching for some sort of adventure, something she had gotten so used to. But nothing ever came up.   She sighed. She’d come here to the swimming hole alone to think, but her time alone was over, so she stepped out of the pool and used her water bending powers to suck all the water out of her hair and off her body. She watched as it pulled away, then she flicked it back into the hole. She wrapped the towel she’d brought, for warmth, around herself and shivered. Time to head back to the village.   It was a five minute walk from the village to the swimming hole, so it didn’t take long for her to get back. Katara lived with her brother, Sokka, and her father in that town, nearby her friend, Toph, a skilled earth bender, and her boyfriend, Aang, who just so happened to be the Avatar. The village was under the power of Fire Lord Zuko, who once made some wrong choices, but had turned around and was granted the position. Nobody regretted his coronation, for he was doing an excellent job at ruling. No one could ask for a better ruler.   Katara walked through some trees and between a few large rocks. The way to the pool and back was beautifully scenic, what with all the flowers, camellias mostly, and vines, so she took her time admiring it, like she does every time she goes swimming. She was about halfway there when she heard the rustle of leaves to her left. She kept walking because it wasn’t anything unusual, but she did slow down.   A few paces later, she heard something similar, only closer, and much more deliberate. Now she stopped. Definitely not wind, she told herself. This is for sure a creature of some sort. But what? Naturally, she looked around in case she’d spot something. But she didn’t hear or see anything for a full minute, so she kept walking.   She didn’t make it two steps before something tightened around her ankle and pulled at her, causing her to fall hard to the ground in one second.  Well there you go. If you have any advice, ideas, or saw a mistake, please tell me! A comment is always appreciated.Have a great day/night!-Bree

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