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Almost Done With ATLA!

So I doubt anyone's going to follow me because people don't think I'm that awesome in person and I don't know why it'd be any different on the internet...but I like writing so whatever.

 Anyways, I'm almost through with Avatar: The Last Airbender! I started watching Sozin's Comet last night, but I put it on kind of late and I didn't know it was movie length so I had to stop it...RIGHT AFTER AANG GOT BLASTED BY THE FIRELORD!!!

Warden shocked


 I've been intense these last 15 hours...

 I know what's going to happen but of course its still hard to not think about it.

 I am excited to start The Legend of Korra though! I wasn't at first; I thought I'd miss the old characters. I asked some people on this Wikia about it, and they helped me get into it. Now I can't wait!

 I'll keep you (if there are any you's...) posted about it!


Zuzu (Bree)

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