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    So here is some more fanfiction for you.

    I finished ATLA, and decided to pick up from where they left off.

    Before you start reading, let me tell you this: The first few chapters are kind of predictible, but as you get further into it, it gets better, I promise. So please keep reading if you like the first chapter. Pweeeez?

    I may not post every day, because I'm a very busy highschooler, but I will post when I can, k?

    Here is Chapter One of Beyond Bending.

    Chapter One Katara wringed out her hair. As the drops splashed back into the water, memories rushed back into her mind. Swimming was something she and the gang used to do together whenever they’d take breaks from their traveling. Now all that was over, peace had finally fallen among t…

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    Almost Done With ATLA!

    October 15, 2015 by BreeInspired

    So I doubt anyone's going to follow me because people don't think I'm that awesome in person and I don't know why it'd be any different on the internet...but I like writing so whatever.

     Anyways, I'm almost through with Avatar: The Last Airbender! I started watching Sozin's Comet last night, but I put it on kind of late and I didn't know it was movie length so I had to stop it...RIGHT AFTER AANG GOT BLASTED BY THE FIRELORD!!!

     I've been intense these last 15 hours...

     I know what's going to happen but of course its still hard to not think about it.

     I am excited to start The Legend of Korra though! I wasn't at first; I thought I'd miss the old characters. I asked some people on this Wikia about it, and they helped me get into it. Now I can't w…

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