First I would like to say bare with me guys, this is my first blog, and I'm sure to make some mistakes!

Anywho, this is a simple defense of Korra as a show and why I personally can't wait for season two.

1) One of Korra's biggest criticisms is the rushed plot. This, has undeniably given the show a rushed feel and left us, disappointingly, with several promising yet unexplored avenues. But I would like to point out THERE WERE ONLY 12 EPISODES making the job our beloved writers had near impossible. Now Korra has gained three new seasons to explore with, solving this problem.

2) The lack of character development, often complained about, is solved for the same reason the rushed plot should no longer be an issue. More episodes means more time.

3) Season 1's potential to be amazing is actually pretty high. The plot line was great, along with the new setting (which I personally enjoyed), and the Equalists and Amon were beautiful antagonists. The show was under developed, but when one looks at how the story should/could have developed had it been given a decent amount of episodes the potential is definitely there.

4) One of the unfair criticisms Korra has received is that it is not atla. I call this sequel syndrome. A sequel is never as good as a very good original like atla. When left uncompared to atla (yes I know it's hard) it really is a good show. It stands by itself. We may all want something identical to atla, but repeating an old storyline never ends well, so moving past atla and on to the avatars next, different adventure is necessary.

5) Another unfair criticism was the involvement of much greater technology. If one looks at the natural progression of history one finds that atla had the warning sighns the second industrial revolution was fast approaching. Tanks, Zeppelins, and the factorial system the fire nation possessed would be greatly desired by the rest of the world and would have spread post-war. This advancement is a natural progression. (Note this in no way is meant to defend mecha tanks I think they're stupid too).

6) Now many people find Korra's relationship with Mako annoying especially the end. Why? Once again the forced nature of season 1, which was meant to be the only season which means wrapping up every plot arc, wether its forced or not. Now I don't ship, but I was satisfied with the ending of avatar with Aang and Katara getting together because they had a relationship that had been tested ect ect ect... Korras relationship was, what a month old? But if this relationship had been tested in the same way Aang/Katara's was I would be fine. Again I don't ship, I just want what makes sense, and I think the following future seasons will give us this.

7) Many have criticized the bending on Korra for being to weak. Watch the first several episodes of atla, compare the bending and you will find that the level displayed is pretty equal. We're just going to have to wait until Korra and her friends, as well as her enemies, mature, just like we had to in atla.

Now I'm not going to deny Korra had flaws *cough, cough mech tanks* but the point I'm trying to make here is that the show has POTENTIAL and before we all pass judgement let's see where season two takes us. After all, imagine what atla had been like if it was crammed into 12 episodes. I'm not going to pretend korra is perfect, but I think it is a show worthy of attention and praise.

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