I was so excited about The Last Airbender, the day before it opened, I bought tickets for the 3D premire at midnight. I thought it'd be the best movie of 2010! Well, I was proven wrong. It was one of the worst movies I had ever seen. Buying it for 3D was a total waste of money. At certain points, I took off my glasses, and it looked EXACTLY like it did with the glasses on. The effects were horrible, they were all delayed. And I sat there and wondered... WHO IS ONG?!?!? AND SO-KA? And at this point, I'm looking up Shyamalan's email address and sending him a link so he can ACTUALLY WATCH THE CARTOON!

And take a look at Zuko. It really doesn't help that he CHANGED HIS RACE!!! I'm starting to rant... O_O"

Anyway, the movie was terrible, the effects were terrible, and I'd suggest you don't waste your money seeing it.

High Points Of The Movie: Low Points Of The Movie:

Appa was ADORABLE. =3 Everything else. >_<

With love, Pink.

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