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Bending Explained is a very unique story created by Godsrule and the title says it all. It includes five books, and so far book 1 has 2 chapters. The Fanon takes you on a journey into the past to learn of the first benders and how they achieved this skill. It also features demonstrations of these skills.

Hi Godsrule, indeed your fanon is a bit short but it does get into detail about how these bending skills are achieved. I have some questions.

1. How many chapters are there in the fanon : Bending Explained?

Two Chapters.

2. What is the first energy bending move Aang demonstrated?

The Bending Loser.

3.The name : The Bending Loser did you intend humour in that statement?

No I did not.

4. What is the name of the place where benders store their chi?

The solar plexus.

5. Who was the first energy bender?

Lunga was the first energy bender.

6.What creature was the first energybender?

The Lion Turtle.

7.How is Yue able to be in the conversation in Chapter 2 if she is dead...?

Yue is Sokka's daughter.

8. Who was the most eager for Aang to continue telling the story in Chapter 1?

Bumi was the most eager.

Thats all Folks!!!!

These questions were based on The first two chapters of book 1 of Bending Explained.

Thank You for your time Godsrule. Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame 20:46, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

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