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The Legend of Aten, follows the childhood of Amon, who's parents were killed by the evil Agni Kai Triad, and his journey to realize what he must do so this never happens again. This story is short but very interesting.

Hi Fruitpit, I have some questions for you. Shall we begin?

1. This story is based on a young boy named Aten, where did you get this name? -I named him Aten, because I was doing an Egyptian unit in my Ancient History class, and as we all know, Amon means "hidden", but Aten means "light".

2. In Prolouge you gave the mother and father no specific names. Why? -Because I didn't deem it necessary. They are his mother and father, not major characters.

3. Atens Family dies because of a fire, what made you choose this method of death?

-I chose that method because that's how Amon said his family died.

4. What inspired you to tell this story? -I wanted to try a fanon, and someone suggested this idea to me.

5. How would you describe Mings personality? -Ming is a girl who wants, or needs, someone to look after. They give her a purpose. She is bubbly and cheerful, and able to feel others pain. That's why she is such good friends with Aten.

6. You made Ming and Aten non benders, Why? -I felt it was necessary. I didn't think the fanon would work if they were benders.

7. Aten had a strong connection with the moon, why is that so? -He has a strong connection with the Spirits, it only made sense to have him connected to the moon.

8. Aten saw his Mother while meditating, how did that affect him? -It made him realise that he wasn't alone. He longed for her, but of course she was dead. I think it gave him hope.

9. Why did Aten not tell Ming about the spectre that visited him? -I think because he was unsure of what he had seen. He didn't want her to think less of him, or any different.

10. How did telling Ming about his past help Aten? -It relieved the weight on his back. He had bottled up all this emotion, and then by telling Ming, he released it.

11. Aten and Ming joined a circus in this story and they travelled and they went into the city and met a man named 'Protestor' what was unike about this man? -They joined a circus so people didn't think it was odd to have 2 young children walking around. The protestor is the same one that Korra met. I planned to expand on that and have him an official speaker for Amon.

12. Ming seemed uneffected by this man, why so? -She doesn't have the same past as Aten. She has no reason to hate or fear benders.

13. At the end of the Interlude Aten vowed to do what? -He vowed to equalize the city, and stop the repressive benders.

14. Why was the story discontinued? -I got bored. We found out Amons actual past, and it was my first fanon. I had new, better ideas.

That's All Folks !

Thanks Fruitpit! Hope I did well

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame 23:11, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

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