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    The Legend of Aten, follows the childhood of Amon, who's parents were killed by the evil Agni Kai Triad, and his journey to realize what he must do so this never happens again. This story is short but very interesting.

    Hi Fruitpit, I have some questions for you. Shall we begin?

    1. This story is based on a young boy named Aten, where did you get this name? -I named him Aten, because I was doing an Egyptian unit in my Ancient History class, and as we all know, Amon means "hidden", but Aten means "light".

    2. In Prolouge you gave the mother and father no specific names. Why? -Because I didn't deem it necessary. They are his mother and father, not major characters.

    3. Atens Family dies because of a fire, what made you choose this method of death?

    -I c…

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    Bending Explained is a very unique story created by Godsrule and the title says it all. It includes five books, and so far book 1 has 2 chapters. The Fanon takes you on a journey into the past to learn of the first benders and how they achieved this skill. It also features demonstrations of these skills.

    Hi Godsrule, indeed your fanon is a bit short but it does get into detail about how these bending skills are achieved. I have some questions.

    1. How many chapters are there in the fanon : Bending Explained?

    Two Chapters.

    2. What is the first energy bending move Aang demonstrated?

    The Bending Loser.

    3.The name : The Bending Loser did you intend humour in that statement?

    No I did not.

    4. What is the name of the place where benders store their chi?


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