Seeing as I'm a fan of The Legend of Korra I've decided to write a series of blog posts reviewing all the episodes. I know this is a little late but why not?

Up first. Episode one of The Legend of Korra titled Welcome to Republic City. Now in my opinion this was a pretty good episode but it was also kind of boring at the same time. Not a lot of action and it didn't really explain the start of the series very well if you know what I mean. I did like the opening scene where the men from the Order of the White Lotus come to Korra's house to investigate the claim from Korra's parents that their daughter is the Avatar, and then little Korra busts through the wall and starts earthbending, firebending, and waterbending. I also liked how the scene changed from that to a 17-year-old Korra taking her firebending test. However one of the things that I noticed right away is that firebending is Korra's natural opposite and I wondered how she had come to master it so fast.

Overall the episode was pretty good but I also found it kind of scattered and not really focusing on a single plot line. I mean one minute she's just arriving in Republic City and the next she's beating up thugs and getting arrested by metalbending police. Despite the scattered plot line I still the episode very enjoyable. Another aspect of the episode that I found interesting was Tenzin's introduction into the show. I could tell right off the bat that while Korra and Tenzin may be polar opposites they didn't seem to hate each other in the least. I also liked the scene where Korra is just about to go home to the South Pole but Tenzin but changes his mind and lets her stay, then she goes over and hugs literally lifting him off his feet. I also found it very interesting when the scene changed to Amon and the Lieutenant and the last second. It gave the ending seconds of the episode a very mysterious feel.

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