A recent update from Michael Dimartino Tumblr posting "More Korra excitment! Some more sneak peeks of book 2 characters. Desna, Eska, and One of my new favorites — Varrick."

Here is the official bio:

DESNA (Waterbender), ESKA (Waterbender)

Korra’s cousins are sixteen year-old twins who have a strange connection and seem to communicate without saying a word.  They’re both Waterbenders, and when they work together they can accomplish amazing feats, such as shooting entire icebergs at opponents.  Korra has always found them incredibly annoying because they look down on her for being a rube from the South, even though she’s the Avatar.

VARRICK (non-bender)

Billionaire shipping magnate from the Southern Water Tribe.  He’s a little eccentric, but very charismatic.  He spends most of his time traveling the world on his monster yacht and living a fabulous lifestyle.  Born a poor seal-hunter’s son, he built his business from a single canoe into a global power.  A consummate dealmaker, he’s always looking for angles to expand his business empire.  He is currently making a deal with Asami to become Future Industries’ shipping partner. There are rumors that he deals with underworld characters and gangsters if he thinks it will turn a profit, but that has not been verified.

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