Hello, all Avatar Wikians,

It was 2004, when I happened to see this advertisement. Though, Avatar The Last Airbender did not exist at that time, I went mad for this ad! about a week ago, i stumbled across it again. So, I thought that i should post it here, as many of you will enjoy it. Though it is completely random and unrelated to Avatar TLA, one thing common between the two is: BENDING!

The locations MAY remind you places from the Avatar's World:

The Waterbender: Jang Hui,

The Sandbender: Si Wong deserrt (like duh!),

The Firebender: Southern Air Temple (since she ascents in a coiling manner),

The Airbender: Koh's realm or the Wulong Forest;

also, it's a much cooler idea to bend the air in such a manner that it carries the leaves, to show some visible form of airbending. May be, the waterbending and sandbending is going to be similiar in the movie, however, the fire bending looked quite immature. Obviously, the ad had a diiferent theme to it, that is, how the 4 elements, connect the people all over the earth (like the 4 people being from diiferent parts of the real world), and uniformly for the basis of the Company (AB Group)!


Thank You,

Bloodbender (talk) 14:08, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

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