• Bloodbender

    It was 2004, when I happened to see this advertisement. Though, Avatar The Last Airbender did not exist at that time, I went mad for this ad! about a week ago, i stumbled across it again. So, I thought that i should post it here, as many of you will enjoy it. Though it is completely random and unrelated to Avatar TLA, one thing common between the two is: BENDING!

    The locations MAY remind you places from the Avatar's World:

    The Waterbender: Jang Hui,

    The Sandbender: Si Wong deserrt (like duh!),

    The Firebender: Southern Air Temple (since she ascents in a coiling manner),

    The Airbender: Koh's realm or the Wulong Forest;

    also, it's a much cooler idea to bend the air in such a manner that it carries the leaves, to show some visible form of airbending…

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