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Bloo47 December 19, 2010 User blog:Bloo47

HI! im back yayz. :P anyways,im on break FTW but school was crazy. i had an assignment that i had to finish last minute cuz i 4got and we were supposed to have time in class but i had to finish at school early on the day it was due. :P :P :P so yeah.

Ever see that YouTube video of the crazy dancing stormtrooper? i have. how 'bout Epic Fails? which fail was most epic? i like the one where it has a (fake) Google saying "Paris Hilton isnt a whore" and it says "did you mean Paris Hilton IS a whore?" lolololol.

question of the day time!!!

if mayo is short for mayonnaise, what is short for chuck noris?

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