A lot of information is going around about this new form of earthbending, called lavabending. Though the creators have yet to show us how it is done, I think it needs little explanation. I will share two theories of this interesting way of bending.

1. The first theory I heard was that lavabending was earth and firebenders working together to create lava and then the earth bender would manipulate it. I personally do not cooperate with this idea. We have only seen one firebender working with this so called lavabender. We have seen no sign that she contributes to making the earth into lava.

2. My favorite theory that has been approved by many fans is that, just like waterbenders can change the phases of water to ice and steam, so can an earthbender to make earth hotter. That is all lava is, really hot earth.

Theory 1 seems easier to produce, but we haven't seen any conformation that that is what is happening. Theory 2 makes more sense though it may be harder to produce.

Nonetheless it is a very interesting skill. I'm sure we will see more of it in the future and maybe someone else will learn this technique of earthbending.
Roku and lava


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