Hello everyone! That's right, it's BlackMonkey, back from my two-month sudden disappearance. For those who are excited, that's great. Even if you're not, you can listen anyway. And if you don't even know me, nice to meet you. I'm BlackMonkey. I'm back in action here on Avatar Wiki, and I think I'm going to be a lot better than I was before - in particular, I'm going to try to lighten up and stop being the "Negative Nancy" I always was proud of being before in debates and discussions. I'm still going to be in and out until Summer comes along for me, but I'll try to check into the Wiki every day or so until then. And I'm definitely going to work on my fanon a bit more... efficiently. No more breaks between chapters that last three months.

Anyway, if anyone is wondering why I went inactive without any notice, here's the reason, and possibly a lesson for the more active users on the site. Of course I had family matters to take care of, lots of school work, and yeah, I was a little tired with a few users that were getting me a little agitated, but the main reason was that I really was no longer coming to the Wiki for the same reason I signed up for - to write fanon. I wanted it to be a little hobby to write and talk about Avatar, because I love to do both. But as all of you cursed ones out there know, I quickly got tangled up in the Wiki curse that makes you more and more interested in becoming more involved with the community, more involved in user groups, and a lot more into other things besides the fanon you came here to write. My hobby became a commitment, that I couldn't get out of once I began. Soon, this commitment was more. It fully turned into an addiction. I was addicted to Avatar Wiki - and I loved it! But after realizing, on multiple occasions, that I was wasting a half hour of my free time every day refreshing the RC over and over again, I realized I had better things to do - this site was no longer a hobby of mine. So I left and didn't want to go back online because I knew that once I did, the curse would take its toll on me and I'd become an addict again. And there you have it. Until the other day when I started thinking about all the names of users and memories and blogs on here, I realized that I made friends, even if virtual friends, that I liked to be with. So I returned, hence the blog.

Before I wrap up, I need to tell a few people some things:

  • To the FRS - I'm sorry for my inactivity and unwarned departure. Count me in as inactive in the user group until the Summer, because that's when I get a long streak of free time and I can decide whether or not I want the commitment of keeping up with my reviewing schedule. Thanks for supporting the group without me.
  • To readers of my fanon - The Peak of Power is -thank the lord- finally here. I was so brain-dead writing that thing, but it's done. Expect Chapter 40 to be in by next week or the one after. Sorry for all the waiting.
  • To the AvataRPG - I seriously don't know what's happening with that right now, but I know I was signed to play a part in that and I'm going too busy too keep up with it. So count me out. Sorry for the trouble.
  • To anyone else whose fanon I haven't read or reviewed in my inactivity - I'm very sorry, but I promise that I will catch up sooner or later. Thanks for your patience.

So that's it. Time to get back editing! Maybe I'll jumped on the IRC sometime and talk with you guys. BlackMonkey, signing out!

BlackMonkey Talk - Fire & Ice 00:06, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

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