Hey Avatar Wikians! This is BM, signing in, with breaking Avatar Rhythm news! As you probably don't know, the finale to Book 3, Drowning Hope: Part 2, was released last week, and as promised, I have updates and a preview for Book 4, The Earth Saga. After a lot of thought, I have prepared an official release date for the start of the book, January 29th, 2012. Is that good enough? I know, it's a month away, but I've got a load of FRS work to do, fifteen character pages to make, and a main page to remodel. However, to quench your thirsts for the coming of The Avatar Rhythm's last installment, I have prepared a nice little preview for you.

In The Earth Saga, everything will finally come together, and fall apart. The Procession will kill millions if Shirou doesn't make the right move. The Quadrination Bandits will become immortal if Shinji can't hide himself. Hotaru will have to learn Earthbending with weight of the whole world on her shoulders. And the only way they're going to succeed is trusting in the Avatar Rhythm. As one final villain emerges from the mist, everyone will have to cooperate to learn what really happened.

Sound excited? Here's some things you can expect in Book 4:

  • Physic-defying energybending
  • Large cliffs
  • Musical instruments
  • Shisaki
  • Ba Sing Se
  • A guillotine
  • The Fifth Scroll of Kaito
  • Koh
  • Death
  • An epic conclusion based off one from a Dr. Seuss book
  • Markale being witty
  • Markale being powned
  • What the Avatar Rhythm truly is.

Coming January 29th, 2012...

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