Well look at this. First the opening sequence. Then a part of an episode? I don't know. All I know is that Korra info is just leaking out now, one detail after another. The spin-off of our favorite show first announced in 2010 finally has some big chunks of info out there for us to view, and soothe our hunger for The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra.

I, however, as usual, am not as excited as the rest of you Wikians.

When I watch the show in 2013, I hope to be amazed with what I see from episode number 1. I want the experience of seeing Korra as it airs, which I never got to do with ATLA, to be suspenseful and keeps me waiting for each episode with the rest of the community. Most of all, and I want every last little drop of exciting Korra footage to be new.

The Avatar Wiki is not keeping me assured. Every minute somebody's messaging each other about what they saw in leaked footage, or commenting about what's happened to Team Avatar. I no longer feel secure here, I no longer am free of leaks. Every time I log in I see another spoiler. If we know "what we know" already in 2011, imagine what we'll know before the show airs in 2013. It's only a matter of time before someone posts the result of Korra's finale.

I know that lots of helpful folks around here are trying to end the spoilers, and to them I thank. Still, it seems as if the wiki was just flooded with Korra info, whether on articles or in talk pages. I'm afraid to look at page comments now because I think there'll be spoilers, I don't want to look too hard while scanning the RC because I may see the previews of those. When I look at talk pages I try to glance away at messages titled like "Leaks" or "New Korra info".

Still, I'm not going to go all teddybearlover on you guys and go inactive until Korra comes out, because the wiki is an awesome place and I love being on here and writing my fanon. I just want to know how I can still be an active and helpful editor on the site without getting any Korra spoilers unwillingly. I want the show to be fresh and new when I see it in 2013.

BlackMonkey Talk - Fire & Ice 01:46, December 6, 2011 (UTC)

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