Hey everyone, BlackMonkey here! I am here to advertise and recruit people to join Infobox Aid, a new user group I founded committed to the creation, refinement, and perfection of infoboxes here in The Avatar Wiki. For the infobox is what draws a user to an article, so if they are false, unclear, or vandalized, users can easily be mixed up in their research. There's a lot that needs to be done, and even more will come once The Legend of Korra comes out, so we need you to join!

Becoming a Member
So you want to join, eh? Continue reading to find out more!
A user should have the following things earned before joining Infobox Aid:

  • Is an active user
  • Has more than 100 edits
  • Has been a user for at least 3 months
  • Has no history of vandalism on The Avatar Wiki

To join, simply meet those requirements, and add your username to the list on this page! I am hoping that I don't have to be constantly running this group, and I trust that I can rely on my fellow Wikians to be honest and follow the rules. We hope that if you don't meet the requirements, you won't put your name on the list, and instead will improve your record on the Wiki instead. And if you do meet the requirements, don't join just because you want the userbox. Members are expected to help design and create infoboxes, improve false ones, and correct vandalism to them. Again, if you want to be part of this new group, add your username here. I would really appreciate it if you would consider joining!

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