Is your fanon unread, unnoticed, or just in need of some advice? Do you wonder for hours and hours every day, wanting to know if your fanon is actually good? Have you needed a bit of motivation, some reception on how your stories are going?
Ask these questions no longer!
The Fanon Review Squad is a new user group of successful fanon writers who will review your fanon upon request. Just go to this page and drop a link to your fanon in one of the schedules on the page. On the day you request, we'll make a little blog post about your fanon, give it some scores, and tell some advice. And if your story is good, you'll probably get lots of new fans.

If you want to join the Fanon Review Squad, to help make posts and give advice to fanon writers, you can find the directions here. We need all the high-quality fanon writers there are, so all the new and growing stories can get some popularity, and some advice.

I hope this helps some people, and I hope some people join. --BlackMonkey - Talk 17:02, August 30, 2011 (UTC)

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