Hello folks of Avatar Wiki! Yes, its me, BlackMonkey. I know that I've been saying I'm gonna return for about a month now, but hence today, I am officially back on Avatar Wiki for the summer! Woo! And I come bearing gifts. One gift, actually - my second fanon, Fire & Ice, which is officially started up with its first chapter. I've taken all of my ideas that didn't make the cut for Rhythm and improved on Rhythm's downsides. That means no more giant blocks of text or three month waits between chapters. Sounds like a pretty nice deal, eh? Just you wait.

Fire & Ice will consist of twelve chapters which I already have more or less planned out. The story will center around a troubled life of a soldier for the Southern Raiders named Kiharu who has a giant secret and burden - he's really a waterbender. Forced to battle undercover for the Fire Nation to keep his tribe in the South Pole from harm, there is both physical and mental pain that will drag him down to the deepest darks of insanity. To live hating his own people. To kill his own brethren. When does pain become so torturous that even saving people we love doesn't matter? Kiharu will have to live though intense moral conflicts while he fights on the battlefield in Fire & Ice through an action packed story filled with twists and jaw dropping moments galore, just as a note to my Rhythm fans.

I hope you guys are interested in giving it a look. There's only one chapter out so far, so checking things out isn't a very big commitment. Thanks a bunch.

Again, here's a link to the main page and this is the first chapter.

BlackMonkey Talk - Fire & Ice 00:48, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

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