Hey all, this is BlackMonkey, representing your favorite Fanon Review Squad! First off, I have to thank you all for your help and thanks regarding our 2011 Review of the Year. It was definitely a success. Well, we've been talking behind the scenes since that big blog was created, and it seems as if it's come time again to have another member join our group. That's right, there is another open spot to join the Fanon Review Squad! You excited? Here are the current requirements for joining:

  • Is a regular fanon author and reader.
  • Has been an active user for the past two months.
  • Has made at least 150 edits and/or comments to the fanon portal.
  • Is ready to dedicate a lot of work and time into the Fanon Review Squad.
  • Is a positive user overall

Think you have what it takes to be the next legendary reviewer of Avatar Wiki? Fit all the requirements above? Maybe you will be the next member of the Fanon Review Squad. Leave a comment below if you're interested and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Sincerely, the FRS.

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