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Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review The Road that Never Ends by Krazykid51.

This story begins in 0 AG. It is about a boy named Mako taken from his homeland, the Fire Nation, by his brother, Lee. Lee believes that something horrible will soon occur, and by the hand of his own country. More and more colonies have been introduced to the Earth Kingdom, and Lee's father has told him that their nation will be making a devastating blow to the world sometime in autumn. His father neglected to say what that blow would be, but Lee could tell that all it would cause was destruction. Mako thinks that whatever the Fire Nation is up to, the only reason they're doing it is to "extend their good fortune to the world." For that reason, Lee kidnapped his brother to keep him away from Fire Lord propaganda, and to teach him the horrible effects of tyranny and war.
I'll admit it, the story had occasional errors, confusions, sometimes I didn't know what was happening at all, but overall, this was a really, really great story. It tells the effects, destruction, and corruption of war from the viewpoints of lovable, realistic characters, and from a beginning author, it was really well written. I liked it.


  • Story - 8.9: Some chapters were confusing, others too short, but the general scheme of things really went well in a very creative plot that Krazykid seemed to master.
  • Action - 9.0: There's not much in the beginning, but when things get rolling, It becomes pretty intense.
  • Writing - 9.4: Wowzers. This would an amazingly written fanon even if it wasn't from a beginning author.
  • Creativity - 9.1: There's some distant variations of this out there, but The Road that Never Ends is definitely the best of them.
  • Believability - 8.8: Everything works out in the end, some speech is misplaced and some things happen too fast, but I definetly do not think it interfered with the other aspects of the fanon.
  • Character Development - 9.5: Breathtaking. I probably would have given this an 8.5, but after reading Shared Thoughts, I really was impressed. The chapter itself was so confusing, but deep, it really elevated the story to another level.

Average Score: 9.1
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Krazykid51: To tell you the truth, I don't have much advice for you. One thing is to make longer chapters, or at least make sure that every chapter has a little action in it. Think about how much gets covered in a single A:TLA episode. Other than that, just keep writing.

What kind of users should read The Road that Never Ends? Anyone who wants a complex tale that teaches the effects of warfare in a way like never before, using all new characters, should read this. Because they'll love it.

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