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Avatar line-up

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review The Last Airbender: The Last Avatars by RandomPerson...o 0.

TLA:TLA is a Fanon about 19 people in the Avatar Universe, including past Avatars, Team Avatar, old villains, and new villains, trying to stay alive in a wasteland of the Avatar World.
Yet again, I must review a fanon of RandomPerson's with a little amount of chapters to grade. Personally, I think the concept is cool, but the whole thing is just really weird. I'm not sure how all these notable people show up, or why the world is thrown into waste, if it was in one of the chapters, it was unclear. To tell you the truth, I can't tell you if I liked it or not because I have no idea what I just read.


  • Story - 7.3: A really cool concept, but to tell you the truth, I had no idea what was happening. At all.
  • Action - 6.5: Two chapters. Neither left me excited.
  • Writing - 8.3: I won't lie. It was actually pretty good. Everything was described well and worked out.
  • Creativity - 9.3: Now this, this is something I have never seen before. Even though I'm not sure how it all happened, what happened is pretty cool.
  • Believability - 7.9: - I don't know... There are just so many characters, I can't even pick out what I thought was believable.
  • Character Development - 6.2: Ouch. I know, you might say I'm being a harsh grader, but I'm being honest. There are like, 13 main protagonists. Trying to make 13 different characters (that all happen to be canon) into unique, developed individuals in a couple chapters - it's impossible

Average Score: 7.6
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for RandomPerson...o 0: Write. A. Nother. Chapter. Besides that, you should probably work on your teams of characters, because if you want any of them to develop, you have to focus on them. Maybe you could split them up into multiple teams, and then you could switch between them. I just think it's hard to organize all those characters in one group. Imagine if there were 13 characters rowing the canoe in The Boy in the Iceberg.

What kind of users should read The Last Airbender: The Last Avatars? It's a really creative story, I'll tell you that much. Once Random returns to write more chapters, it'll be awesome.

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