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Team Avatar and friends

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review The Adventures of Team Avatar by Agent Slash.

It has been seven months after the war has ended and Team Avatar is living peacefully in Ba Sing Se. However, there are those who wish to settle the score with our heroes and will do whatever it takes to get it. Join Team Avatar on their adventures in this exciting conclusion to the events of Avatar: the Last Airbender as they travel near and far to end what the worst conflict in history started.
When I first heard about this, I was like, "An after-the-war fanon named The Adventures of Team Avatar? This is gonna be what we've read over and over again since the beginning of fanon." Turns out, I was wrong. Alright, it's not flawless, but this fanon's certainly got it's high points - and is has a creative and very well written way to spark up the average continuation of A:TLA. All in all, the first ten chapters of this which I read left me very impressed.


  • Story - 9.1: Good story. There are ups and downs and maybe things move a little faster than I'd have liked them, but all in all you had good villains and a twisting plot that left me wanting more often.
  • Action - 9.4: What I loved about this. There's pretty much action in every chapter - and hits you hard. Very well done, however, the reason that this grade isn't perfect is that maybe at times, if this even seems reasonable, there's too much action. Sometimes I kind of just wanted to slow down the pace and have a chapter or a half of nice filler. Maybe there's more to come in Book 2, which I did not get to yet.
  • Writing - 9.3: Agent Slash is great with this. I find that whether he's writing description, action, wisdom, or anything in between, he's always got this style that sounds authentic. There are a couple times when the script has been a little too much like the script of A:TLA, but I did not find it completely disruptive the main jist of each chapter.
  • Creativity - 8.6: Nyeh, although has many creative ways of expressing itself, the fanon is all centered around one new energybending villain with Azula and other old cbadguys trying to re-fight Team Avatar.
  • Believability - 8.3: - There are a couple points of this fanon that I found very different from the points from their counterparts in A:TLA, my primary criticism being on Koh. In the real story he's a quiet, rhythmically speaking, caring yet solemn spirit. As harsh as his rules are, he cares for the well being of the Spirit World. In TAoTA, he starts spitting insults and getting into meaningless fights with Aang the second they meet. His face should have been stolen in seconds, Aang is said to be "infuriated" at him. The whole story with them and Zhao set up really doesn't make sense - Aang was never an enemy of Koh. Other from him, my only other comment lies with Joo Dee, whose attitude also seemed very different than before, bitter and corrupt, almost like Azula's.
  • Character Development - 9.0: Another strong point of The Adventures of Team Avatar. Aang is taught and learns many times, and his friends try to help him. We see Jun's anger and his sour but powerful personality grow and shrink, their rivalry contributes to much character development.

Average Score: 9.0
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Agent Slash: You were doing great with Book 1, so I can't even imagine how this story escalated since then. If I had the time I would have loved to read more of the story for this review. Down to business, now. Based off from what I can see from your first 10 chapters, something you need to improve on is your balance of creativity and believability. One of the hardest things with "after-the-war" fanons, and also the reason that I've never attempted to make one, is because you need a good balance between these elements. You have to try to make your story as different and creative from A:TLA's as possible, but you need to try to make your reused characters as similar as they were in the show as possible. Keep writing and I know your fanon will eventually become a legend.

What kind of users should read The Adventures of Team Avatar? Anyone who wishes to read a newer, creative, very well written continuation of the animated series by a lesser known author should read this. This a great, solid, intense story for the "after-the-war" seekers out there.

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