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Republic City

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review Sons and Daughters by Mageddon725.

Sons and Daughters is a pre-LoK fanon chronicling the adventures of the children of Team Avatar in Republic City. It will feature the rise of the Equalists and the Pro Bending Circuit. Set over two decades after AaBE, it is a bridge between that fanon and the highly anticipated Legend of Korra.
Mageddon725 has once again created a masterpiece with Sons and Daughters, and has so far lived up to the legacy created with Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth. I have no doubt this will become a legend in the future, filled with fast action and thought out story, woven together with great writing. Lots of fanons talk about Team Avatar's kids, with different personalities and backgrounds, but I, personally, think the children of Team Avatar in this fanon are probably my favorite set out of the other fanons on the wiki, in every aspect.


  • Story - 9.1: A good story. Kids wanting to be kids, parents watching out for them, with a bit of great Aang action on the sides. It sets a strong base for Korra, perfectly using what we know of the show so far along with the author's own creative ideas.
  • Action - 9.0: It takes a little while for the great action to set in, but once it strikes it strikes hard, keeping you on the edge of your seat, and once you hit a hanging or thoughtful end to the chapter, it's perfect.
  • Writing - 9.4: Mageddon725 doesn't fault much in this category - really, a great author.
  • Creativity - 9.0: This one was kind of hard - while an "after-the-war" fanon, I think it's the most creative and different out of all of them, so far from after the war now that it's on the edge of whether or not even being classified as one. It's using lots of known concepts from Korra to build it's story on, but what a creative story that is.
  • Believability - 9.1: - All of the children are very realistic, each with talents and faults that make them both unique and realistic for their age.
  • Character Development - 8.8: When you have one or two main characters, it's pretty easy to make them develop a lot over the course of a fanon with just some good writing. When you have seven main characters, and many more supporting, it's harder, and this fanon develops it's characters to the max limit they can. All of them are as creative and deep as possible. Just as a side note, I really liked Pema being introduced into the story. When I read that part I was like, "Hey, Pema, that's like... Tenzin's future wife! I smell a relationship!" I don't know, I got excited.

Average Score: 9.1
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Mageddon725: Giving you advice? This is actually, pretty hard. Seriously. Make sure there's action in every chapter, and try to develop the Warrior's Legacy a little more. It's hard getting to know their personalities while they're all in a group, but if they split up, as you have made them done, I feel as if they can develop more as individuals while working with smaller amounts of people. You seriously don't have much to worry about.

What kind of users should read Sons and Daughters? Craving for Legend of Korra? You'll love this. Anybody who wishes to get a unique adventure of Team Avatar's children as they grow up in Republic City and live to set their future roles in TLA:LOK will be on the edge of their seats during this thoughtful and action-packed ride.

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