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Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review Emblem of the Outlaw by Bassoon Ninja.

The series takes place in a modern Avatar world. It follows the life of the young Earthbending Avatar, preceding Avatar Korra, and his friends as he strives to make the world a better place. In the storyline, there are a mixture of intense martial arts, bending, and firearm battles as well as developed character backgrounds and awesome adventures.
I wasn't very excited about reading this, but I forced myself to look at the posted six chapters of it. They were really good. For a new user like Bassoon Ninja, it is amazingly written, and the story flows perfectly. It's creative and full of twists, and makes you keep reading chapter after chapter. It would be good even if it wasn't written by a beginning author. I liked it.


  • Story - 8.9: In some parts I have found myself lost, but the overall cause-and-effect of the story works out pretty well. Suspense makes up for the confusing parts, and everything turns out good.
  • Action - 7.9: The scenes aren't really very action-packed, and the action that is in it could be made longer.
  • Writing - 9.5: This is very well written, the description and characters are genius. The fact that it's made by a new author is even more amazing.
  • Creativity - 9.2: If I am correct, there are no other fanons that have the avatar world completely modernized like this. The plot is great, the characters are unique, and the world of The Emblem of the Outlaw is one for the records.
  • Believability - 8.8: Pretty good. Some speech is unreal, some is not. I thought it worked out well in the end, and the average believability of what people say does not interfere with the good story and writing.

Average Score: 8.9
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Bassoon Ninja: Besides ingenious writing, you should probably change a couple of things. First of all, make sure you have a little action in every chapter. Just a little fight, natural disaster, or attack can change a good chapter to be a great chapter. Also, make sure that each chapter flows. I know this just sounds like cliche writing talk, but make sure that readers can understand what's happening. Once that is done with, just keep moving along. I love the way the story is going, and I hope you keep writing!

What kind of users should read Emblem of the Outlaw? If you like modern fanons, with crime, murder, and illegal fighting, you'll love this. All the elements of an exciting modern city life are entwined so perfectly with Avatar - anyone with a daring mind who wants to read an amazing fanon should read this.

Next Review: Avatar: The Last Messenger --BlackMonkey - Talk 20:59, September 8, 2011 (UTC)

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