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Pro-bending battle

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review Avatar Brek by Omashu Rocks.

In Avatar Brek, it's been sixteen years since Avatar Korra of the Water Tribes has died. On the same day she passed, Brek was born in the Earth Kingdom city of Kekuatan. Now 16 years old, Brek is about to discover that he is the Avatar, the chosen one who can bend all four elements and is responsible for keeping balance in the world. Unfortunately, Brek is about to inherit a world of problems. His predecessor, Korra, successfully ceased anti-bender revolts, but now a group of bender supremacists, called the Isha, plan to destroy all non-benders leaving only the "genetically superior" to remain. Brek travels to Ba Sing Se to finish learning Earthbending, passing through many towns and villages on the way.
Unfortunately I did not have as much time as I wish I could have had to read this, but after just seven chapters, I was sure of one fact. This is a fanon that's going places. After review Omashu's last fanon, my expectations were lower, but I was proved wrong by far. There were a few goofs here and there, but overall the creativity and story of this fanon were exceptional.


  • Story - 9.1: Despite the fact that it's just another Avatar's journey learning the elements, Omashu's story is flows and is very intriguing.
  • Action - 8.9: The action's all a bit quick but almost every chapter is left off at a cliffhanger which leaves me hanging.
  • Writing - 9.5: I didn't expect this quality. Amazing.
  • Creativity - 9.1: Although there are a few "after Korra" fanons out there, this was unique and did not leave me with any sort of cliche feelings at afterwards.
  • Believability - 8.6: - This category is always hard to grade, and I feel like, while the characters in Avatar Brek all seemed real, some chapter's events went too fast.
  • Character Development - 9.3: Omashu started this fanon because the characters in his previous one did not evolve as much as he wanted. Well, he succeeded.

Average Score: 9.1
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Omashu Rocks: Great fanon, man! I mean it. I see you're already planning a third fanon, please, just hold off on that. Stay focused on this - It's going places. See my column in the BSST for long reasoning. Anyway, on more specific advice, try to make your chapters longer, or at least have more story in them. I think that your chapters are awesome, but if you think about how much happens in an ATLA chapter, you can definitely fit more into them. Other than just looking over each chapter in Preview mode before publishing them, all I think you need to do is keep writing.

What kind of users should read Avatar Brek? Want a break from all those "after-the-war" stories? Need to speed up in time to some new classic and creative Avatar fanfiction? Omashu Rocks has you covered. And you'll be on the edge of your seat through the whole ride.

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