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Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in (late) to review Avatar: Daughter of Fire by Hannah230.

The story is about Zuko's daughter and her life living as a princess in the Fire nation. In the story she will learn and find her self in many ways, meeting old and new characters alike on the way.
First off, I'm sorry I got this review in late. Okay, got that over with. As for the story, I liked it. I think it really got better as it went along, in the beginning I was a bit hesitant but by the end I was actually intrigued. Hannah's fanon is lesser known but really deserves to be more popular.


  • Story - 9.1: It was good, but seriously, you could have fit everything that's happened so far into the size of two ATLA episodes.
  • Action - 7.9: There's not much of it, what there is could be written better. There haven't been any shocking plot twists yet either.
  • Writing - 9.2: The beginning wasn't very good but the end definitely made up for it.
  • Creativity - 8.8: Sorry, but you know me, I'm not giving "After-the-war" fanons a grade in the nines. Even so, I thought this fanon was very creative and some ideas struck me as ones I had never even began to think about before.
  • Believability - 8.9: - Not bad, not bad...
  • Character Development - 9.0: I never really saw the three dimensional characters I always strive to see, but I thought there were enough deep chats that I could imagine their personalities and struggles.

Average Score: 8.8
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Hannah230: Great fanon! This story is going places - I can tell. One thing I'd advise is to make chapters longer, think about how much story can be fit into an ATLA episode. Some of your chapters are just a couple paragraphs long. Make sure you action in every chapter, too. Even a little bit elevates one to a whole new level. Imagine if you started watching ATLA and the whole episode was just a conversation. Mix up the story. Make something happen that will cause the readers to gaze at the screen in awe - don't be scared to add a heartbreaking cliffhanger. This story has amazing potential, so you mine as well use it.

What kind of users should read Avatar: Daughter of Fire? Anyone who wants a deeper, new "after-the-war" fanon with creative new characters and thoughts should like this, especially if they want to focus less on Team Avatar and more on Zuko and the Fire Nation.

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