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Elemental tornado

Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth by Mageddon725.

Peace has come to the four nations at last with Ozai's defeat and subsequent depowering by Avatar Aang. Now the gang has begun to relax, but new dangers lurk on the horizon. An enemy no one even knew existed wants to restore the Earth Kingdom, at the price of the Fire Nation! Meanwhile, Zuko has to deal with Fire Nation zealots that want the war to continue. In the midst of all this, a struggling Earthbender named Yun Zhen has been dropped in the middle of this oncoming clash, a clash only Team Avatar and friends can stop.
This was a very good fanon. A very cool concept of an "after-the-war" fanon, with creative and new ideas that transform it into a very interesting story. Unfortunately, I've been busy and only had time to read the first ten chapters, but even by then I knew for a fact that this fanon is a great one. Good work, Mageddon.


  • Story - 9.4: The chapters are short but their message is strong - I really like the idea of an earthbender hoping for great abilities who gets injured and cripples his bending. There's a good mix of fanon and canon, this isn't your avergae "after-the-war" story.
  • Action - 9.1: While it lacks in some chapters, the action in the majority of them is very, very, well described and keeps you into the story.
  • Writing - 9.0: Impressive...
  • Creativity - 9.1: Again, it sort of has this "after-the-war" feel to it, but Yun Zhen's adventure is very intriguing and makes the story more interesting than you'd expect.
  • Believability - 8.9: - Some conversations seemed to go too fast and/or convenient, but for the most part this fanon's plot was very believable.
  • Character Development - 9.3: I love Yun's earthbending disability and efforts. He doesn't give up and I know he's building something with some of Team Avatar.

Average Score: 9.1
Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Mageddon725: This fanon is completed now so advice really won't do much. However, I will tell you that you are an amazing writer and that Avatar - Aftermath and Burning Earth is as well.

What kind of users should read Avatar - Aftermath and Burning? Love "after-the-war" fanons but tired of your average continuation of Aang's adventure? This fanon is a great mix of creativity and A:TLA continuation, it should fit as a good read for almost every user.

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