Hey everyone, this is BlackMonkey for those who don't know me. Many users probably do know me from all the times I've broken the fanon policies, but that does not have to be described in detail.
Anyway, over the past couple of days I've completed Book 1 of my fanon, which is titled The Fire Saga. There's basically only been one random anonymous user that's been commenting on my articles, so I guessed I'd have to advertise it someway.
The Fire Saga is the first book in the Avatar Rhythm Series. In the Fire Saga, which takes place 224 years after Avatar: The Last Airbender, a royal Water Tribe boy named Shirou escapes to the Fire Nation and discovers a secret that will tear him apart, and put him in control of the nation's future. Life lessons will be learned, battles will be fought, and all morals will be brought to a climactic end.
Here are a couple links to find your way around my fanon:

  • The Fire Saga Homepage is Here.
  • The link to the first chapter is Here.

I truly believe, without being too cheesy, that this is a great fanon, because it not only has stories to read, but it has life-lessons to learn. From episode 1, which has had many positive comments including "This is...brilliant" and "U r an amazing writer", I knew that this fanon was going places. And after that one anonymous user commented on every chapter, or when it was advertised in the June Edition of the Ba Sing Se Times, I knew that I was not going to stop writing until the last word of the last chapter of the last book was uploaded.

But I can add my inspirational speeches then, too. Right now, I have to focus on Book 2, The Air Saga, which will start being uploaded to the Avatar Wiki in August. July is my break month where intense planning out of the fanon will be made. Here is a small preview of what will be transpiring in the next book:
In Book 2, after Shirou previously saved the Fire Nation, he will continue his quest to destroy the Avatar cycle in the Western Air Temple. But when he arrives, he'll meet someone who may just change his way of violent thinking. He's taught about the Air Nomad's heritage, a terrible curse that could upset this world's fate forever, and most importantly, Shirou will learn a mind-boggling secret about himself. With new villains, new heroes, and a new 12 chapters, The Air Saga will be a definite hit.
Coming August 2011...

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