I'm really not this kind of person. I don't like to do this. But I think it has to be done.

I'll get to the point. The Fanon Awards haven't had a new ceremony since the beginning of 2010. A lot happens in one and a half years. Many fanon authors - some of the best on the wiki - have joined in that time, and many fanon stories have risen to being some of the best on the wiki. But sadly, many of the great writers and stories have died out without ever getting anything from The Fanon Awards. Some great authors weren't even here when the last ceremony was held. And that I believe, is unfair.

The really annoying thing is that whenever you ask anyone "When is the next Fanon Awards ceremony going to take place?" or "How is the production of the next ceremony coming?", there is always just 1 answer. It hasn't changed for months. Rass will start the Fanon Awards up once the Common Series Project begins production.

Lets think about this realistically. As much as I love the idea of The Common Series Project, I'm not sure that I really love it more than I love the idea of having another Fanon Award ceremony. The project has been going to happen since May. If I can count right, that's almost five months. And as far as I can tell, it's not going to get out of its "pre-production stage" for a while. Why do we have to wait for Rass to get this project done before we can get this done? Can't someone else on the Fanon Award Council step up and get a ceremony going? Every author and story should have a chance to get a Fanon Award, yet for some reason the community is delaying a ceremony that has already been delayed for over a year to start up a project that many users aren't even excited about!


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