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    Fire & Ice

    June 8, 2013 by BlackMonkey

    Hello folks of Avatar Wiki! Yes, its me, BlackMonkey. I know that I've been saying I'm gonna return for about a month now, but hence today, I am officially back on Avatar Wiki for the summer! Woo! And I come bearing gifts. One gift, actually - my second fanon, , which is officially started up with its first chapter. I've taken all of my ideas that didn't make the cut for Rhythm and improved on Rhythm's downsides. That means no more giant blocks of text or three month waits between chapters. Sounds like a pretty nice deal, eh? Just you wait.

    Fire & Ice will consist of twelve chapters which I already have more or less planned out. The story will center around a troubled life of a soldier for the Southern Raiders named Kiharu who has a giant s…

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  • BlackMonkey

    The End Grows Near...

    December 8, 2012 by BlackMonkey

    It's been one a half years in the making...
    We've had triumphs...
    We've had losses...
    High points...
    Low points...
    The Avatar Rhythm has came a long way...
    On December 21, all four parts of the climactic finale will be released.
    Catch up on what you need to read...
    You won't want to miss Apocalyptic Rhythm.

    The Avatar Rhythm Main Page

    Begin Reading
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  • BlackMonkey

    Could the word “home” really become synonymous with “Avatar Wiki”? After all, the only thing before you is a screen. A collection of data floating around in the vast universe that is the Internet. Usernames and avatar images belonging to people scattered across the continents, many of whom you couldn’t even match a face to.

    Well, that’s the beauty of a community like Avatar Wiki. For many of us who stick around on the site, we find ourselves throwing our heads back in laughter or venting to someone about the horrible monster that can be real life – talking as though we had known someone for six years instead of six months. Through the mystery of cyberspace, you can feel that human presence and you sit back, kick your feet up on the coffee t…

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  • BlackMonkey

    Hello folks, welcome the wiki's newest deputy editor of the Ba Sing Se Times, yours truly. If you don't know what the Times is, that is acceptable, for we don't expect everyone to. An issue hasn't appeared since March. So if you don't know what it is, let me explain in short. The Ba Sing Se Times is an Avatar Wiki newsletter, that used to appear on time every other Saturday, that any user could contribute an article to. But starting last Fall, and then through last Winter and into the Spring, we had a decline in the newsletter, both in our ability to get it out on time and in the number of articles we got for the newsletter.

    I made this blog so the community can revive the Ba Sing Se Times. 888 and I are working on organizing everything, but…

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  • BlackMonkey

    Hello, this is BlackMonkey, signing in to review by .

    It is 200 years after the events of The War. Peace has reigned in the world for a very long time, and as such the world has changed. The Avatar, not needed due to the prevalent peace, has gone into seclusion and isolation. In his absence, the Order of the White Lotus has replaced him as the world's peace keepers, making sure that the peace of the world is not disturbed. Along with them have risen a new batch of unique warriors, called the Samurai. Riding great beasts, they are the White Lotus' main warriors, travelling all over the world and making sure that trouble does not blow out of proportion into a massive cataclysm of chaos. Suzaku and Seiryuu, an aspiring firebender and airbende…

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