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Which element would be my bending

Bausclaus August 18, 2014 User blog:Bausclaus

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Someone asked which kind of bender he would be and that got me thinking about myself. Although secretly, I practice sometimes waterbending when I am swimming in a lake ;) Samething with standing in the wind, looking at a flame.. 

He gave a full description about his personal qualities to give us an idea about who he was, and wo will I. 

Pascifist from nature but also I have the passion to speak up for unfairness. I am still looking for my purpose, and more of a thinker than a do-er although I feel more alive when I am productive. I am a reasonably calm person and try to remain rational in fights but sometimes it gets over my head, certainly when I don't feel I can get to the other person in any reasonable way. Then i get a bit aggressif and emotional, more out of desperation. I am strongly for equal rights for all souls on earth, so green energy, preserving animals, the environment and people. I have a bright mind but I am often in conflict with my emotions and my rational thinking. I do have a strong conection with the term 'energy'. Also because culturaly I couldn't choose between the elements. I would like to have them all around me. The elements ar also just energy but divided into 'materials'. 

Now I read something about the long lost energybenders? So maybe that would be it :) Although I joked I would be a steambender, because I have astrologicly a firesign leaning on to a watersign. Which is cool with me, I love steamtechnology, and it would be the materialistic version of energy :)

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