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June 25, 2012
  • Battlehopper

    I just watched the season finale of Legend of Korra, and i have to say: it was a sad, sad, sad moment. Not only it was a bad ending, it just managed to ruin everything good the series had going on so far. For starters:

    1. Amon's backstory: Even though it was indeed a sad story and generated a touching moment in the end, that just took away many cool concepts of the Equalists. They went from a revolutionary group with some valid points (misguided, yes, but not completly on the wrong) but extreme methods to just a bunch of people who were fooled by a lying leader. And with that, what could have been an amazing conflict of opposing view became just another standard cartoon finish.
    2. Re-Bending: Nobody was sadder than me when Lin lost her bending. It …

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