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  • Bassmasta2012

    Public apology

    September 22, 2010 by Bassmasta2012

    Hey. If you've been on here recently, you may have noticed my horrid actions on the "Toph's Relationships" page. I'm writing this blog to issue the apology that I should have given immediately after that unacceptable behavior. I had been repressing anger all day because of school, and never meant for things to end up like they did. My anger blinded my judgment, and I acted without thinking clearly. I realize my actions were wrong, and I heartily apologize.

    To the AU whose feelings I hurt: I'm sorry. Your fanon was actually a decent read. The imagery was top-notch. Feel free to continue it, by all means. To anyone else who has lost respect for me: I've lost respect for myself. I won't put my nose where it dosen't belong anymore, unless it's …

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  • Bassmasta2012

    We all know that M. Night is a horrible director, and not just on that film (if it even deserves to be identified as such) that murdered our beloved A:TLA. I'd just like to hear your thoughts on who you think should take his place and reboot the movie. Let the discussion commence.

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