This blog is for the sole purpose of analyzing characters to the death, and for anyone who would like to see how a character is... well, characterized. Yes, this would come highly close to the "personality" section on a character's page, but in this blog, characters are characterized compared to other characters in different shows and the characters that he/she socializes with.

A good character to start with would probably be our main character, Aang.

Aang is most definitely a generally happy and carefree person. Based on the decisions he has made over 3 (4 including Legend of Korra) seasons, it can be told that he values the safety and happiness of the people around him and the people that he loves. I guess you could even say that he would be willing to sacrifice his life if all it took was one life to save many. He certainly has a sense of justice and the individual rights. Aang also happens to be very clever and mischievous at the times when you least expect it. In the episode "Avatar Day", he tricked Mayor Tong into giving him the "punishment" of community service by saying that defending the people from the Rough Rhinos does not fit in with his previous punishment of being boiled in oil. When Aang isn't on Avatar duty, he is fun and a very sociable person. For example, he can get along with both Sokka and Katara, even though those two are nearly opposites.

Over the course of the original series, Aang has shown some serious character development. From being "just a kid" and trying to avoid his Avatar responsiblites from Book One to balancing his life as a full-grown Avatar and accepting that he is the Avatar and that's who he'll be until his life ends from Book 3, he has shown that even child-like people (like him) can still develop and mature in their own way. 

Aang is actually a very unique character, and I haven't read/watched enough to say which character is most similar to him. In fact, in other character analyzations, I use Aang as a character to be similar to. Avatar Aang is one of the most fun characters that can be analyzed, and the traits and values of Aang could go on and on, but these are just some of the main points that really symbolize who Aang really is. 

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