Warning : This is not a leaving blog.

OK. I admit it.

I have been inactive for a while so I will now announce my status.

Until 21 December, I'll be busy with tests. I have a test after a test so frequently. I have a BIG test every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so it a bit hurts.

My works on the wiki : FRS, BSST Undiscovered Fanon, Anti-vandaism, Working in main namespace articles. My status is as follows :


I will not do reviews before 21 December. A discussion is going about a new member of the squad, my opinion is that Omashu Rocks can be the man for the job. Anyway, please consider this not as a main, racist vote. This was just my opinion and the big decision goes back to you, BlackMonkey. Consider Millennia's opinion more than mine since I didn't look much into the case. When a new member is there, make him do some of my undone reviews BEFORE 21 December. When I'm back, I'll review what's not reviewed yet on my schedule (use the <s> tag for reviews done by the new squad please).

Undiscovered Fanon

I will pretend like nothing happened and begin submitting undiscovered fanons again when I'm fully back.

Anti-vandalism + Working in main namespace articles

I will pretend like nothing happened and begin working again when I'm fully back.

This message is public, but with special mention recipents : Omashu Rocks, BlackMonkey, Millennia2, The 888th Avatar, Natsu11.

See ya later Bahjy1 Message Wall Blog 15:28, December 8, 2011 (UTC)

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