Hi everybody!

I'm kinda new in this wiki, and I recently joined the Fanon Review Squad.

To introduce myself to blog readers, I will write a preview of how I will review fanons.

First of all, I consider six main elements which affect my total score of the fanon.

1.Suspense : In other words, Keeps You Reading. Suspense can come between paragraphs or chapters, something has to be waited for and unknown... yet!

2.Action : If the reader doesn't want to get bored, he has to see some action in the story. Fighting, dueling, adventuring or any kind of action has to be running with the story.

3.Description : For sure, the writer won't create a picture for every word. So, instead, he has to fill the paragraphs with description of a character, scene or whatever needs to be described.

4.Creativity : How can you write without being creative ? The writer has to make up something new, not just writing that after The War, a new Avatar makes the ame adventures of Aang.

5.Believability : The writer can't just write that Ozai becomes good and teams up with Aang. He has to make things creative, but in the borders of believability.

6.Final Touch (Spelling/Grammar/Goofs) : After writing a chapter, the writer has to review it and make the final touch. That means checking spelling, grammar, and goofs (for example : forgetting about what happened in the last chapter makes a sudden change in the story).

I give each element a score of 0-10. Yes, you can achieve a 10, and 0 as well. The total scores of each element are combined to give a score of 0-60. Usually, element number 6 gives advantage because it's the easiest.

You consider these elements introduction of my writing style, or you can consider them tips to make your fanon story!

--Bahjy1 (talk!! - fanon) 10:37, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

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