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Hello folks! Ready for another fanon review ? The Road that Never Ends by Krazykid51 was just amazing.

It shows the timeline of the start of the war, in the eyes of a Fire Nation teen called Lee, who hates the war plans and kidnapped his little brother Mako, to keep him away from his Fire Nation military dad. Although the first strike here was not air nomad genocide, the story overall was great - I really like it... REALLY!

With only just 5 chapters released, scores are only just amazing :

  • Suspense : 8.8 - I was so excited and got suspense all over me but in the last two or three chapters, there was a lack of the element of suspense.
  • Action : 8.0 - Yes, only first five chapters, shouldn't be that much of action but there was a fairly good amount of action - but it's just the start.
  • Description : 8.0 - This element could use a bit of work, but still good for a start.
  • Creativity : 9.5 - Now that's what I call creative!
  • Development : 8.9 - Characters are developed slowly and very good. But the story's events gone so fast and some were un-understand-able.
  • Final Touch : 9.6 - Great.

Final Score : 52.8/60 Average : 8.8

Why should you read The Road that Never Ends ? - Although it never ends, it's an amazing story. If you want a fan fiction about the begginings of the war, a creative one, head to this fanon.

Any advice for Krazykid51 ? - Keep going on, you're doing an awesome job. Try working on developing the events slower, because that makes the reader get your point better and it also adds filler or filler-like chapters which increase the number of chapters, which someway somehow is considered to make the fanon better.

--Bahjy1 (talk!! - fanon) 18:04, October 1, 2011 (UTC)

EDIT : Sorry for the title, mistakenly capitalized the first T in "that".

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