Hi, this is Bahjy1 from the Fanon Review Squad, making my second review ever and my second review for a story that has changes made by a black monkey.

I read The Avatar Rhythm and... This time, I read a fanon like never before. This time, I was so wanting to see what happens next like never before. This time, I was --in one word--... amazed.

Although I don't really understand why its name contains a rhythm (my guess is the coming book 3), but this was a creative, very worked-on story, and a story that haven't been given the required attention. The perfect story for a review.

The Avatar Rhythm talks, in the first book, about Shirou, the son of the northern Water Tribe tribal chief, who escaped to the Fire Nation to start a new life as a refugee (and for another reason which I won't bust out), but he finds himself an honored guest for the Firelord and the highest ranking general of the Fire Nation. He befriends the general's daughter before he discovers she's the Avatar. The first book's events run too fast, but impressing and interesting.

In the second book, The real adventure begins, and some more describing of Shirou appears, the more creative book is the second, and I won't talk much anymore because I have shown much of the story so go and read it! Let's get to scoring :

  • Suspense : 10 : Although the ten should not be given to anyone, this one deserves no less than 10. Chapters were separated on an action-packed moment and sometimes BlackMonkey uses suspended animation to reveal what happened, later.
  • Action : 8.5 : The second book was awesome and full of action, in particular the last chapter.
  • Description : 9.8 : Nothing is not described, speechless.
  • Creativity : 9.3 : As creative as a black monkey who says black banana philosophy. Amazing creativity, and by using the 224 (not a football formation =D) years break BlackMonkey opened a door to even more creativity to come.
  • Believability : 8.7 : I was told this is not the opposite of creativity, but I put some percentage for that in this element anyway. Almost no plot twists at all, great work.
  • Final Touch (Spelling/Grammar/Goofs) : 8 : Many spelling mistakes and goofs affected the story not having a ten on this element. Including using women for one woman.

Final Score : 55.3/60. And for those who like averages, 9.216666666666667/10 is the average score.

Why should you read The Avatar Rhythm ? - Because its the next Avatar: Guardian, but unrelated to it. Depending on the story's overall, it really, really, really needs to be given more attention. Read it if you want a different, much enjoyable story, and has got events that are so creative nobody have ever though about before. The Avatar Rhythm Rocks!

Any advice for BlackMonkey ? - Well who am I to advice BlackMonkey ? Look at my talk page! He gives advice to me! Just the reviewing could use a bit of work (Final Touch), other than that, perfect.

--Bahjy1 (talk!! - fanon) 06:34, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

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