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Hey, Bahjy1 again, reviewing Avatar Brek by Omashu Rocks.

The story talks, like many stories around, about an Avatar. But this story has so many things to like about, Some characters are built slowly and good, but for example, at an air temple, due to so many characters, I cannot understand who's who. But anyway, it was a good story, the whole plot of anit-non-benders or whatever it's called and imagining what happens after the unknown.

Scores :

  • Suspense : 9.1 - I guess I am too related to stories, when I get my hands on a story it must be done. But anyway, good work on this element.
  • Action : 9.6 - This story ran too fast, something that would happen in about a year happens in a chapter. That's why it's too action-packed.
  • Description : 8.4 - Somehow nice work on that, yes, good. Action scenes like battles are pretty well written and described, but othe scenes are less good.
  • Creativity : 8.9 - I don't know what to say... But yes, creative.
  • Development : 8.0 - Believability, it was a reason of turning this down from 9 to 8. Another reason was the story running so fast. I'd like to say this story was amazing, but not better than Avatar: The Flaming Stone (Omashu Rocks's other fanon).
  • Final Touch : 9.0 - Well this is the least element which can be talked about, numbers tell the whole story. Out of ten.
Final Score : 53/60 Average : 8.833333333333333/10

Why Should You Read Avatar Brek ? - Easy. Because it shows us the results of the results of A:TLA in a very creative way. I like the creativity of thinking, but I think Omashu Rocks rushed the story a little bit because he is handling 3 fanons at once.

Any Advice For Omashu Rocks ? - Yes. You need to make more filler episodes, slow things up a bit. It's ok if action reduces, but the average boosts up. Another point is that you are managing three fanons at once, a distraction for you. I personally like Avatar: The Flaming Stone more, but this was good. Keep up the good work and try to describe things more, and more importantly : filler chapters.

--Bahjy1 (talk!! - fanon - blog) 20:11, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

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