Energy Saga Title

Nice illustration, by the way.

Wake up, Avatar Wiki! This fanon is my best rated so far. There goes the Fanon Cycle, a fanon after another, many are the same, so we can skip some duplicates, but this time, I read a fanon that should not be skipped. Avatar: Energy Saga by legendary author AvatarRokusGhost is not just a story, it is even better than some great real-life stories.

Energy Saga takes you to a world of creativity with an excellently managed amount of action. My best fanon reviewed so far, Energy Saga is excellent. It talks about life after the war, Aang goes rebuilding the world but he finds energybending curious and finds more about it, and he energybends new Air Nomads. He's facing some troubles, Zuko can't handle the Fire Nation and a civil war goes, some unknown assassins have been attacking Team Avatar on random moments, and I won't reveal more.

Even if you do find suspense in my introduction, AvatarRokusGhost surely has a lot more than that. Of course, like all fanons, the first chapters are the worst. But facing a fanon like this, you should never stop reading. Sometimes ARG goes into the edges of boredom, but he does manage to get back soon to re-attach you to the magnificant story. Please don't be shocked or offended when you see the scores, I have not changed my reviewing style, but Energy Saga is the best fanon I've ever saw. I am not lying now, but it is the best story I've ever read. No relation to Avatar. AvatarRokusGhost : Write stories, publish books, win money. Scores :

  • Suspense : 9.7 - Like I've said before, sometimes ARG goes to boredom. Anyway, this is one flaw I barely managed to find, other than it, the story's well - full of suspense.
  • Action : 9.7 - As I said before, the amount of action is excellently managed, and not too decreased or increased unless it is needed.
  • Description : 9.8 - I am talking about what others call as "Writing" here. Everything is described, not a thing is missing. Writing style ? I can't say a word. ARG is a genius.
  • Creativity : 9.8 - And you want me to put lower than that ? It even may deserve ten! The whole conflicts which I will not spoil here are awesome, I've never seen any semi-semi-semi-similar idea!
  • Development : 9.8 - I am talking about what others call as "Story" here in addition to Believability checks. I am not lying : I was putting a score of 9.9. The thing which made me deduct it back to 9.8 is that Aang is acting somewhat more serious which just doesn't fit with the A:TLA Aang. The old score of 9.9 says it all : This story ? Unique, well-done, excellent, and impressive.
  • Final Touch : 9.7 - Some reviewing mistake here, another forgotten quot mark there, blah blah blah.. And that doesn't matter when you have a story like Avatar: Energy Saga.

Final Score : 58.5/60 - 9.75/10 (Average)

Any advice for AvatarRokusGhost ? - I am the one who's lacking advice, come on man.. ARG's an admin, he's a legendary author! But yes - there is just one advice : Calm down Aang a bit. He's too serious, not "fun-loving" as he was in his youth.

Who should read Avatar: Energy Saga ? - Short Answer is Everyone. Other than that, the story is highly recommended for anybody who wants a unique, well-written and creative story with lots of suspense.

In conclusion : Read this story. You really should. --Bahjy1 Message Wall Blog 16:14, January 6, 2012 (UTC)

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