Ey, everyone! Bahjy1 here, logging to see if you agree with me on this.

Since ever I watched the Coup of Ba Sing Se, I always had proposal in my mind that this is a reference to Troy and the Trojan War, or more specifically, the Trojan Horse.

Troy always had great walls, which protected the city from every threat, that's why the inner city was untouched. Just like Troy (Troja), Ba Sing Se had great walls which protected it, and the city remained untouched by the war.

Going back to Greek mythology, the inner city of Troy was untouched until... The Trojan Horse happened, the Achaeans knew they needed to attack the city from the inside, that's why they sent a horse statue as a "surrendering gift", while they filled it with soldiers who flooded the city, attacked, and won the war. Linking that with Avatar, Ba Sing Se was the last standing Earth Kingdom city from the war, Azula already tried another plan during the war, and it failed. That's why she had to attack from the inside as the king's servants (Kyoshi Warriors) and when she did that she won the war.

So what do you think ? Doesn't it make sense ?

Waiting for your opinions --Bahjy1 Message Wall Blog 17:53, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

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